New language, new culture and new impressions – people first arriving in Germany are inundated with diverse, complex impressions.

There are many questions concerning everyday life in Germany, including the following: Where and how can I get health insurance in Germany? What happens when I get sick? Our Web site is there to help you. On the following pages, we explain the German health care system as well as the services provided by the statutory health insurance funds. The German health care system is one of the best in the world – but simple it is not.

Health care system in Germany

The health care system in Germany is divided into statutory health insurance and private health insurance. Self-employed persons, students, civil servants and employees with a good salary can also be insured with a private health insurance fund. In Germany, it is mandatory to have health insurance. You can be insured by the statutory health insurance scheme as a mandatory member or a voluntary member. This depends on your salary and other factors. If you earn more than a certain amount, you can get voluntary insurance or switch to a private health insurance fund.

Personal responsibility and the the principle of solidarity

As far as possible, everybody is responsible for his or her own health. This includes a healthy lifestyle, preventive check-ups as well as the active participation in the treatment of an illness in order to prevent the consequences of an untreated disease. On the other hand, there is the principle of solidarity, which means: “One for all, and all for one”. Depending on income, every insured person pays a certain amount for the funding of the health care system, from which everybody benefits. All insured persons will get the same insurance benefits.

Change of address/change of employer

If you move and your address changes, we ask you to inform us of your new address. Please also let us know if you change employers.

Please tell us the name, address and contact details of your new employer.

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